About Us

With our solid plans, we’ll help you lead a balanced life.

Since opening our doors in 1998, Fowler Financial Group has helped a lot of people plan their financial future and realize their life goals. We can do the same for you.

Why choose us? At Fowler Financial Group, we provide outstanding financial coaching throughout Southwestern Ontario. By understanding your values, objectives and dreams, we earn your trust. It’s that simple.

We then complete an exceptional planning process that tailors solutions to individual needs. We create strategies that preserve, manage and enhance wealth. And we work hard to find the right mix of financial solutions to fit your personal goals and core values. We create a partnership through which you can focus on what you can control and react appropriately to what you can’t control.

As a leading advisor, Fowler Financial Group is small enough to know you by your first name, but large enough to access all the leading solutions and strategies available in the financial services marketplace. We are dependable and responsive to your needs, while still providing context and direction to keep you accountable and on track.

If you are facing life changes, dealing with uncertainty in your financial decisions or simply looking for help and don’t know where to turn, contact us today. With our solid plans, we’ll help you lead a balanced life.