Our Difference

We hear from many of our clients that dealing with large financial firms can sometimes be cold and impersonal.  Often, there is barely a face to put to a name. And you get shuffled from one service representative to another.

You won’t find that at Fowler Financial Group. Our mission is to get to know our clients well. We put a premium on personal contact.

The size of our operation means you know who you are dealing with on a regular basis. There is comfort in the fact that we experience very little staff turnover and our team is committed to representing your best interests through true financial planning and ongoing education. We marshal our skills, resources and professional development to find the right solution for your individual needs.

This means a very different approach than many other financial services providers. We are not stuffy and put no pressure on you to make quick decisions. Our meetings are about planning for your future and discussing your dreams, not pitching sales.  Planning is a process, not an appointment or event.  And hopefully that process can lead to a bit of fun and adventure.

It also means that we want to be there for your future. We conduct regular reviews, monitor goals and provide a financial roadmap to make sure you are on the right path. And we provide ongoing advice to make sure the pieces of your financial strategy come together in a sound overall plan.

If you’re tired of the runaround of long telephone options, stale service and constant staff turnover, perhaps it’s time you tried something different. Contact us today and we will show you the real meaning of personal financial planning.