Public Sector Pension Advice

Being a member of a public sector defined benefit pension plan, especially over an entire working career, allows a person to have a great deal of financial security. However, they are rigid and may not match the cash flow needs of pensioners as unforeseen post-retirement events transpire including: retirement debt, a lost spouse or financial emergencies.

Regrettably, few people are aware that these pensions can be turned into large lumps sums of capital that provide pensioners with more flexibility. Oftentimes, a career civil servant’s pension can easily exceed a value of $1,000,000, making it the most valuable asset for many.

Our pension advisors have helped many civil servants take advantage of this opportunity. Read the case studies below to see how good planning can change your thinking about when and how your retirement will look.

Case Studies

A Low-Morale, High-Stress Environment

Fran’s job is in a low-morale, high-stress environment. this was about finding a way to use the pension plan tool to help her live the life that she wanted.

I Want to Use the Money While I have my Health

Lisa has stage 3 rheumatoid arthritis. “I want to use that money to do all of the things on my bucket list while I have some amount of health to do them.”

A Finger in Each Pie

Between them, John & Mary have two good jobs with two good pensions in their future. Both are tired of their jobs and looking forward to their eventual retirement.

Dave & Judy Saw No Light at the End of the Debt Tunnel

Dave & Judy’s vision of the future is obscured by the $150,000 that they still owe on their mortgage. At the mid-way point of their 50’s, they feel that they should be debt-free by now.

Myth Buster: I Have to Work Until I Reach My 85 Factor

Kevin wanted to retire more than anything and spend as much time as he could with his common-in-law wife at their cottage in Northern Ontario, the one place that he was at peace with the world.