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Life Balance Program

Your priorities change and your financial plan should too. 

The Life Balance Program™ is thoughtfully crafted to empower you in navigating the ever-present shifts in your life, allowing you to maintain harmony among your career, family, hobbies, and community.

We sit down and work with you on creating a financial plan that suits your lifestyle. We take the time to figure out your needs, listen to your concerns and dreams and then craft a solution that fits you. We give you timely advice to capitalize on opportunities and protect your assets.

Our check in meetings serve as a constant compass, ensuring your path remains true as you work toward your financial aspirations. These periodic reviews provide a dynamic reflection of your evolving life, guaranteeing your plan always reflects your core values, supported by solid strategies and tactics.

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Fowler Financial Group Ltd.

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Windsor, ON N8T 1C3


We service clients across Ontario. 
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